GPAQ General Practice Assessment Questionnaire


1. What are the conditions for use for GPAQ? Who can use it? Do we have to pay?
While GPAQ was developed by, and is copyright University of Cambridge and University of Manchester, individual practices may use GPAQ royalty free ie with no fee to pay. GPAQ may NOT be used for commercial services. Details of companies licensed to provide an analysis service can be found below.

GPAQ can be used, and adapted if required, by individual practices for their own surveys provided that acknowledgement is given ie the copyright statement "Based on GPAQ-R* © 2013 (GPAQ V3 © 2011) which is reproduced with the kind permission of the University of Manchester & University of Cambridge" is included, and provided the GPAQ questionnaire is not used for commercial services. A further requirement is to send raw data ie your data entry spreadsheet back to for (anonymised) future calculation of benchmarks and/or research.
*Whichever version used

2. Where can I get copies of the GPAQ Questionnaire?
The questionnaire is available to download and print from the home page of this website. Individual practices may print out and make as many copies as they need to carry out their survey. It is not essential to print in the two colours.

Practices can still use GPAQ V2 or GPAQ V3 if they wish.

There is also a fillable version of the PDF for GPAQ-R and GPPAQ V3, which can be used if you wish to e-mail the questionnaire out, or make the questionnaire available via your practice website. Patients can save their completed survey and e-mail it or print and post it back to their practice.

Please tell us how useful you find the fillable PDF in your practice.

3. How do we use GPAQ for GP Revalidation?
For revalidation purposes, the GMC requirements are very specific and it is important to follow the Guidelines.

4. Can I get a copy of GPAQ in WORD?

GPAQ is suplied as a pdf because printing from a PC will set margins according to those in the default printer. This may alter page breaks and consequently reorganise the layout of the questionnaire. If you would like a copy of the questionnaire in WORD, please e-mail us, and let us know which version you need.

4. I would like to use GPAQ on our website. How do I do this?

Your webmaster will need to put an introductory page with the fillable pdf loaded, and instructions for your patients to either print and return it to the surgery, or fill it and e-mail the questionnaire back to you for data entry.  Consider password access, and setting up a dedicated e-mail address for replies.  You will then need to organise your data entry and report. For the results to be collated electronically via your website, you will need a database 'behind' it.  This requires programming - plus the requisite time and skill. Only companies licensed by Cambridge University may offer a commercial service: some of the licensed companies listed below may offer that service, though this will incur a fee.


5. What are the recommended numbers of completed questionnaires for GPAQ?
For GP Revalidation, a minimum of 30 completed questionnaires, to increase to 50 where an initial screen raises concerns, are recommended for statistical reliability. Using GPAQ-R for GP revalidation it is important to collect the requisite numbers of completed questionnaires, otherwise results may not be accepted. As not all patients complete every question, we suggest collecting 10% more than the minimum required.

For more detailed information, please see the GPAQ Manual or E-mail us.

6. We always used the spreadsheet and linked Word report file. Where can I find these for the new version of GPAQ?

The spreadsheet and calculation files are still available for GPAQ V2. These analysis files were developed at Manchester University, under a grant which has come to an end.

If you need help with analysis, the licensed provider companies are listed on the right of the home page and details of their services are given below. Only companies licensed by Cambridge University may offer a commercial GPAQ analysis service.

7. I'm stuck, how can I get help with GPAQ?

Since the National Primary Care Research and Development Unit (NPCRDC) closed in Manchester last year, we no longer have a research post, with a person taking care of GPAQ. Analysing GPAQ V2 using our analysis tools requires familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite. The GPAQ Administration does not have the facilities to offer help with this, nor are we able to adapt the analysis tools for variations to the GPAQ Questionnaire. Please contact the provider companies for help with analysis and reporting. This is unlikely to be a free service.

8. What about benchmarks?
Benchmarks for GPAQ V2 were calculated on the results from the latest complete year's surveys. The latest benchmarks produced for V2 were for 2005/6.

We now have benchmarks for GPAQ V3 based on 27,000 returned questionnaires, and for GPAQ-R (V4) based on 17,000 completed questionnaires. Benchmarks are average scores across the country, not necessarily ideal scores to be attained.

Groups of practices or PCTs carrying out surveys across several practices will be able to generate their own, local, current benchmarks for whichever version they are using.

For the questions in GPAQ V3 and GPAQ-R identical to questions in the ongoing government run GP Patient Survey, practices will be able to benchmark their results against the national survey. These can be found at

We do now (2014) have benchmarks for GPAQ-R and GPAQ V3.

9. Brief details of services offered by the licensed provider companies are listed here. Please contact them directly if you need more information or wish to use their services:


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