General Practice Assessment Questionnaire

GPAQ V3 now availableWelcome to the GPAQ website.

GPAQ was introduced after the 2004 GP contract as one of two questionnaires approved as part of the Quality and Outcomes Framework. It was replaced by the national GP Patient Survey run by IPSOS MORI in 2008, though a number of practices have continued to use GPAQ for their own purposes.

As part of the new GP contract from April 2011, there is a Directed Enhanced Service (DES) for Patient Participation which includes collecting patients’ views through a local survey.

Many practices will want to use GPAQ again. We have therefore updated GPAQ to include changes GPs might want to see in GPAQ. GPAQ Version 3 is now available for individual practices to use (see Conditions right hand panel), and we welcome your feedback.

In its usual short four side format, GPAQ continues to ask about receptionists, appointments, opening times, communication with doctors and nurses, continuity of care and enablement. Whereas there were previously versions to send to patients by post and to use as an ‘exit survey’ after consultations, these have now been merged into one version which can be used either in surgery or as a postal questionnaire.

The companies who previously supplied GPAQ services to practices have indicated that they will again be willing to become GPAQ suppliers. Please contact these companies if you need help with analysis and reporting.

Martin Roland FRCGP, Professor of Health Services Research, University of Cambridge.

Important Information

  • GPAQ has been widely used in the UK and validated over a number of years. GPAQ V3 is now available to encompass Directed Enhanced Service (DES) for Patient Participation through local surveys.

  • A small number of questions in GPAQ are designed to be identical to the 2011/2012 version of the national GP Patient Survey which will continue to be run. This will enable practices to benchmark themselves against national and local scores.

  • Conditions for use:
    Individual practices are welcome to use, and adapt if required, GPAQ V3 for their own surveys provided that acknowledgement is given ie the copyright statement:
    "Based on GPAQ V3 © 2011 which is reproduced with the kind permission of the University of Manchester & University of Cambridge" is included, and provided the GPAQ questionnaire is not used for commercial services.



  • From 2013, GPs will need individual survey results once every five years using a survey that meets the requirements set out by the GMC. We do not plan any changes to GPAQ V3 for 2012/2013. However, from 2013 onwards, we will ensure that GPAQ meets both practices’ needs for surveys and individual GPs’ needs for revalidation in one exercise.



  • Due to lack of funding we regret there is no telephone support for GPAQ. There will be e-mail support for general administrative questions, but please first check as most of your questions should be covered under the FAQs. For help with analysis and reporting, please contact any of the companies below. More details about their services are given on the FAQs page.